[Twisted-Python] Journal changes

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Nov 21 12:03:36 EST 2002

Itamar and I had discussed some changes to various parts of Journal to 
address problems that I'd found or had while working with it (fairly 

These were:

    * Provide a way to specify the doc string when using the wrapper
      method of creating commands.
    * Separate the re-construction of the DB from the constructor
      of the Journal.  When this was joined, it wasn't possible
      to employ certain useful idioms, like doing a:
      within a command.  (That's because you're in the middle of
      doing this somewhere:
        self.journal = xxx.XXXJournal(...)
    * Modify how the state is stored for the journal to allow multiple
      journals.  I have a journal for a service and then a separate
      journal for each indidividual game that is in action.  Right now,
      the way that command indices and so on are stored is broken for
      that use case.

If there aren't any objections, I'd like to get these into CVS sometime 
within the next week or so.

Do others have changes that they need made to the Journal interfaces as 

Itamar, did I forget about any other changes that we'd discussed?


  - Bruce

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