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Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Nov 20 12:20:56 EST 2002


You bet. Things are still shifting around a little bit, in particular 
InputHandlers still don't fully work as nicely as I'd like them to. 
However, Widgets are pretty stable.

I'll spend some time this weekend writing up documentation of what the 
current usage looks like. In general, the biggest change is what 
self.model means to a Widget and InputHandler. Before, self.model was 
the main Model instance and self.submodel was a '/' delimited string 
(or list of strings, before that) that described how to get to the 
submodel. So as long as you didn't assume what self.model was (either 
in a factory or in the actual Widget/InputHandler code) you should be 
ok. Now, self.model is the actual leaf model, possibly wrapped in an 
IModel adapter.

If anything else has broken, let me know and I will write test cases 
for it to ensure that it works in the future (in particular Deferred 
support in a large number of places.)

Also, anyone that has used or tried to use InputHandlers, I would 
appreciate feedback about how things didn't work for you. In particular 
I'd like to explore how to better identify data in the request and get 
it to a particular InputHandler instance. (Right now, a node that looks 
like <input model="foo" controller="myController" /> will cause an 
InputHandler myController to look for "foo" in the request. This won't 
work because there's no name="foo" attribute on the node. Also, 
InputHandlers may want to handle more than just one piece of data from 
the request in the case of some complex object which handles an entire 


On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 05:32 AM, Bruce Mitchener wrote:

> Hey all,
> Some time ago, when the major changes to Woven started to happen, 
> Glyph and/or Donovan were going to write up what the planned changes 
> were and where Woven was going.
> I've got a fairly large amount of code using old Woven and am going to 
> be faced soon with upgrading it to current Woven.
> Can someone provide some sort of actual explanation of how Woven works 
> today and what some of the typical usages are?  I already walked 
> through the old Woven and figured it out back then, but I don't have 
> the time to re-do that work.
> Also, it would be nice if large architectural changes were posted 
> about as changes were made so that people who aren't on the IRC 
> channel could keep up with things.
> Thanks,
>  - Bruce
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