[Twisted-Python] Continuing problem with woven templateFile

Alex spam at polynode.com
Fri Nov 15 19:46:47 EST 2002

When using templateFile for either a View or a self-templating Widget, I am 
unable to include a directory name.  So, templateFile='tmpl-framework.html' 
works fine, but templateFile='tmpl/framework.html' generates a traceback 
that says the file doesn't exist -- even though both are in the same proper 
location on the server.

Earlier, putting in a path would result in a different error; Twisted.web 
would complain that it couldn't create '.tmpl/framework.pxp', rather than 
creating 'tmpl/.framework.pxp'.  I'm not sure if that problem has been 
fixed or if it's simply been displaced by the one above.

Either way, it's odd that template files should not be accessible anywhere 
other than a site's base document path.

Alex Levy
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