[Twisted-Python] An unexpected interaction

Jp Calderone exarkun at meson.dyndns.org
Fri Nov 8 19:08:52 EST 2002

I've just discovered some unfortunate behavior when dirdbm and rebuild are
combined (as I have recently combined them in Pynfo).  It is easily

  from twisted.persisted import dirdbm
  from twisted.python import rebuild

  s = dirdbm.Shelf('dirdbm.rebuild.test')
  s['key'] = 'value'
  print s['key']

Investigating with pdb, I discovered:

  > /home/exarkun/projects/python/Twisted/twisted/persisted/dirdbm.py(90)_readFile()
  -> f = _open(path, "rb")
  (Pdb) next
  OSError: (17, 'File exists', '/home/exarkun/test/dirdbm.rebuild.test/a2V5_')

I don't really know where to go from here.  Does anyone have any ideas?


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