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>On Tue,  5 Nov 2002 15:54:46 +0800, "lals;dfjsd" <twisted_low at contact.com.my> wrote:
>> I am newbie with some background using zope. I am trying to use twisted in a
>> web application that is going to be launched in my office. Problem now is
>> that i cannot get the example to work ( Example ) .....
>Can you expound a little more on which example you're talking about?  "the
>example [...] (Example)" is not very specific in a framework as large as
>> Specs :
>> 1. os --> windows 98
>> 2. python --> python-2.2.2
>It should work, though I would recommend upgrading to a more sane version of
>Windows whenever you've got the chance :-)
>> This is my autoexec.bat :
>> @SET PYTHONPATH=C:\python22\lib\site-packages\twisted\
>will probably show you that your PYTHONPATH is
>"C:\web2\TWISTEDQUOTES\;C:\WEB2\MOHAN_KOTEH"; if you want to add things to the
>path rather than reset it entirely, you want it to look like:
>    @SET PYTHONPATH=C:\python22\lib\site-packages\twisted\
>IIRC.  However, I don't understand what you're trying to do here.  If you have
>Twisted installed in your C:\python22\lib\site-packages (as with setup.py or
>the .exe installer) then you shouldn't be adding anything to your PYTHONPATH to
>get 'twisted' to import.

Well following the example for woven, I thought that you needed to add to pythonpath where ever you are putting your code for your application, as in if I want to put my code in c:\web2\mohan_koteh\ then i should add this to the pythonpath to get it to work. Isn't it so ? I just kept on trying the woven examples but without success until i added the directory which i was working on to the pythonpath. Maybe I am doing something wrong here but can someone actually tell me how it is done ?

>> i can't seem to get the Example even to compile and looking through the docs
>> doesn't seem to help much. One question can i use the --personal option on a
>> windows machine ?
>No.  Windows doesn't have the notion of unix sockets.  Even if you could, there
>wouldn't be much of a point: windows security (especially on 9x!) is even more
>of a disaster than UNIX, so separating privileges between processes doesn't
>help much of anything if you're running them on the same machine.
>Why do you think you want the --personal option?  It's designed for multi-user
>servers where you've got lots of different people running webservers and you
>want them all to be accessible through port 80.
>> I get an error that says it cannot find the pwd module. Can someone please
>> help me or at least point me somewhere where there are some docs ???
>The pwd module is for determining your UNIX username and home directory (which,
>surprise, you don't have ^_^).  The --personal option is pretty much useless to
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