[Twisted-Python] Some comments on twisted.news

Paul Moore lists at morpheus.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 2 12:51:22 EST 2002

Jp Calderone <exarkun at meson.dyndns.org> writes:

> I agree that \n would probably be preferable, this was just
> sloppyness on my part in the initial implementation.  I think it
> could be changed in such a way so as not to break existing code, but
> allow new code to use \n (similar to how LineReceiver works), and I
> think this would be a good thing to do.

That would be good. As a Windows user, I have a lot of experience with
nasty LF/CRLF issues. Most of them respond reasonably well to the "be
liberal in what you accept and strict in what you produce" philosophy.

>   Hmmm.  I have an {indeterminant}-term goal of creating a better backend
> interface.  If this isn't a pressing concern for you now, I'd rather put it
> off until that happened (though I'd have no problem if you sent a patch that
> made the necessary changes).

That's fine by me - I don't have a major issue with this. What I'll do
(if and when I get the time) is to post a copy of the design I used
for my backend interface - it may be of interest.

> I've been away a while, so maybe you've already gone ahead and done
> some of this?  If not, I might have a crack at it myself.  I'll wait
> to hear what, if anything, you've done thus far though.

Unfortunately, events overtook me, and I haven't had a chance to get
back to this yet. When I do, I have 2 things to look at - on the one
hand, I need to complete the job of implementing the news server I
needed this for in the first place, and in the second, I'd like to
help by supplying some patches. I suspect that getting the job done
may have to take priority, though :-)

I'll keep looking at this, though, and discuss further with you.


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