[Twisted-Python] New Member

Joan Torres torresj at apb.es
Wed Mar 27 04:11:54 EST 2002

 My name is Joan Torres, I'm working in Port of Barcelona (spain), and 
 I'm interested in learning more about how to use Twisted.

 I've two Python applications running on a Unix platform, both applications 
 return a file as a result, and I want to write a server for them.
 The server should do the following things:
  - Execute Application1 every 10 minutes 
  - Run Aplication1 on demand.
  - Keep the last file returned by application 1
  - Execute Aplication2 on demand.
 There would be three different types of clients (windows platform):
 * Client type 1: get the latest file returned by applition1
 * Client type 2: run application1  and get the returned file
 * Client type 3: run application2 and get the returned file

 The estimated amount of connections at a time could be:
  -clients type 1: 100
  -clients type 2: 2-3
  -clients type 3: 2-3
Could anyone give me some light on it?

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