[Twisted-Python] Issues with roots.Collections in regards to Coil

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Mar 14 19:15:52 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-13 at 21:47, Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> (If this doesn't make sense, you can probably ignore it. At some point 
> we might make a twisted-dev list.)
> Issues:
> 1) The problem where you click on a virtual host's sub-Resource in web 
> coil and you can't configure it. Dunno why. (I fixed some similar effect 
> bugs which were caused by *someone* using MOVED_PERMANENTLY and ignoring 
> the fact this gets cached by browsers, but that's not the issue here.)

Whoops.  Thank you for showing me The Way :-).

I'll poke around the configuration at some point, but I don't really
have time for it now.

> 2) The UI assumes entities in a collection are mutable, i.e. first 
> created, and then separately configured via a Configurator. This 
> conflicts with stuff like making a Collection for configuring a mapping 
> of strings (e.g. the mime types mapping in static.File). Possible 
> solution is a custom Collection class for these situations that gets its 
> own web coil UI.

Yes.  This really needs to have its own web UI.  Are you going to be
doing it?

> 3) Collections of Configurators or of configurables? I would think that 
> they should stay the way they are  -- collections of configurables. It's 
> easy to wrap an object coming from a collection - that's what is done 
> now. And it's easier to code the Collection this way, esp. since the 
> configurable classes can be collections too, in cases where it makes 
> sense (e.g. web.resource.Resource.)

> In most situations of course the Collections would only be coded in the 
> coil plugin, but it's useful to be able to have the configurable class 
> be a Collection.

I had to re-read this point a few times, but I agree :-).  The way that
it works now is nice, because you have a good degree of flexibility in
where you put the code that builds the virtual configuration hierarchy.

> What were your issues, glyph?

Right now I only have one minor one -- why is the factory function an
argument to registerConfigurator, but the configurableClass and
configName are both attributes of the Configurator?  It seems like they
should all be one or the other.

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