[Twisted-Python] "3D Game Using Twisted?", or: "Ach du lieber..."

Derek Simkowiak dereks at realloc.net
Thu Mar 14 16:47:26 EST 2002

-> Well, on the low level, we were discussing make banana extendable so you
-> can define custom data types, e.g. a data type for location that is sent 
-> in 4 bytes. The overhead for you would be one extra byte per message, I 
-> think.

	Not 4 bytes... 4 BITS (for the Z component only).  I don't know
what they're doing, but that's what their Lead Developer told me.

	Obviously, the need to fiddle with bitshifting (and other tricks,
like compressing certain packet types before transmisison) makes me think
I'll need to write my own network library.

	There are also further refinements in the CounterStrike/Half-Life
version of the Quake2 protocol, although I don't know what those are yet.  
I'm also dinking around with ideas like using bits to mark the traversal
of a binary "packet opcode" tree, putting the most common types of packets
near the top of the tree and the less common (or lower priority) packets
near the bottom -- this way, the opcode identifier for the most common
packet would only be one bit (and my networking code would be a nasty mess
of bitshifting and endian-specific code :).  Given this type of work, I'd
rather not just "pass it off" to banana.  (Although I'm still going to
take a close look at what's there.)


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