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Christopher Armstrong carmstro at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Mar 11 13:33:41 EST 2002

OK, so glyph, moshez, and I had a meeting about policy for docs -- this
is changing around a bit, again. But at least now everyone's settled on
everything, and we've figured out a specific policy to implement:

* Documentation is kept in the doc/ directory of the main "Twisted" CVS
* the howto/ directory contains docs in plain HTML format (XHTML 
  preferred), with the extension '.html'
* the man/ directory contains docs in troff format with the '.1' suffix
* the api/ directory is empty in CVS, but will be used in the 
  distribution to contain API documentation generated from source (there
  will be an index.html in CVS pointing at the URL of the released API
* the examples/ directory will contain code that demonstrates how to use

I'll be making these changes in CVS shortly.

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 20:26, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> I just shwacked all the HTML files in the 'doc/' directory and put them
> in the TwistedDocs repository. This repository will be populated with
> HTML documentation which have '.htc' suffixes -- these files *are* just
> plain old HTML. I copied/hacked 'generate.py' from the WebSite
> repository to be able to convert regular HTML to
> HTML-without-headers-and-footers, and also be able to extract the title
> from the <title> tags of the .htc document. the generate.py script
> generates "prettier" html documents with no suffix according to a
> template document which is passed to it on the command line. The
> generate script also converts all links to "foo.htc" to "foo", thus
> making linking transparent wether you're browsing un-processed docs or
> not. Anyway, you people who are simply writing the docs don't need to
> worry about anything -- just write html files with .htc suffixes and
> link between them as you would expect. :-)
> </babble>
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