[Twisted-Python] CVS manhole Traceback

Travis B. Hartwell slt5v at cc.usu.edu
Tue Jan 29 04:50:22 EST 2002

Hey all,
  I was wanting to use manhole to connect to a new pb service I am
  creating (a contact manager), but I am getting a traceback when I try
  to run manhole.  Also, it dumps core if I don't have my $DISPLAY
  variable set. :)  Anyway, here is the traceback (latest CVS, etc.)

  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./manhole", line 57, in ?
        from twisted.manhole.ui import gtkmanhole
    File "/home/slt5v/data/projects/Twisted/twisted/manhole/ui/gtkmanhole.py", line 39, in ?
	import spelunk_gnome
    File "/home/slt5v/data/projects/Twisted/twisted/manhole/ui/spelunk_gnome.py", line 679, in ?
        Explorer, 'twisted.python.explorer')
    File "twisted/spread/flavors.py", line 68, in setCopierForClassTree
  NameError: global name 'types' is not defined

  Any ideas?


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