[Twisted-Python] A Complicated Twisted App To Show off

Moshe Zadka moshez at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Feb 22 04:48:33 EST 2002

Many of you might now I'm into role playing games. Recently, I got
addicted to the Champions MUSH, and whined and heard others whine about
the technical problems. Here they are, in no particular order:

* Alts (alternate identities, multiple characters) are hard to manage
* No Web interface
* Lots of needed outside internet support is lacking (connection to the
  weather web site)

In case you're not recognizing the theme, these are exactly the things
Twisted is good at. Other almost cost-free benefits:

* People can read VR e-mail on real life clients (pop3)
* People can compose VR e-mail on real life clients (smtp)
* People can connect with IRC clients (important to me, solved
  in an ugly way)
* Management can be done in lotsa ways (coil, manhole, etc.)

Note I did not mention reality. I don't think reality, based on what
glyph said, would be a good match. The Champions MUSH is much more
"if it's IC to have it, pose having it". Because of the way HERO deals
with items, especially in superheroic campaigns, having 'stuff' is not
really important.

I'm thinking of starting to work on this. Anyone feels like join me?
Moshe Zadka <moshez at twistedmatrix.com>

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