[Twisted-Python] Windows issues...

Benjamin Schollnick junkster at rochester.rr.com
Mon Feb 18 18:34:33 EST 2002


   I've got some questions, with windows usage of Twisted Matrix...

   I'm considering using TM as the framework for a revival of a another
program that I use to write....

   But, I ran into *ALOT* of issues on the PC side...
(I wasn't even able to get it to work on the Mac due to Line-ending issues,
I haven't figured a simple way to convert the entire tree yet).

1) setup.py install    died....It stopped when it couldn't find "CL.EXE",
while building
   something in the twisted.spread.cbanana section...

2) A lot of the files, don't have a .py extension.  (i.e. mktap, twistd,
   This is a major hindrance, because either I have to rename the file, or
   execute it explicitly "python mktap ....etc....".  I have windows set to
   the .py files via python automatically.

3) web.distrib has some issues.  Mainly attempting to use the pwd unit under
   windows.  I was able to add:


   to the import statement and the actual PWD / user area, without any
obvious harmful

4) Error checking is extremely light....

       mktap web 

   failed, until I fixed #3.  The program didn't report any useful error
messages, it just repeated the help text indicating what types (web, ftp,
etc) could be used for the command line.

5) Even after fixing #3, mktap web --static static, isn't working.

6) Under Windows, the default should be -n for twistd, and the PID file
shouldn't be created.   At least, as it is now.  twistd just "stops", after
it starts up and drops us back to the command line, and examination shows
that the program isn't running.  So at least as a workaround, the -n mode

I guest a better question is, has twistedmatrix been tested under Windows?
It really seems to be unix centric in it's programming...

               - Benjamin 

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