[Twisted-Python] HotShot vs. Old Profiler

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Tue Feb 12 07:27:18 EST 2002

So, I tried comparing old profiler with HotShot (2.2's new C based 
profiler). I ran a simple twisted web server that serves from memory.

Running with Python 2.2 I got 350 hits/second. time command says it 
takes 11 CPU seconds, and with time the hits/sec is a bit lower.

Running with old profiler: ~70 hits/second, profiler said it took 2-3 
CPU seconds to run (don't ask me why)

Running with HotShot: 290 hits/second, it said it took 15 CPU seconds 
(11 of which were in doSelect on its own).

HotShot is much much much much much much much better than old profiler
We need to optimize doSelect something wicked
HotShot still has bugs (it would fail occasionally)

I have a command-line interface to hotshot at http://itamarst.org/software/

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