[Twisted-Python] IM: Design ideas

Travis B. Hartwell slt5v at cc.usu.edu
Mon Feb 4 22:16:28 EST 2002

Hey all,

  I hope y'all at IPC10 are having enough fun for the lot of us.
  Also, I hope y'all don't get annoyed with my constant feature
  requests and ideas and no code (as of yet).  I hope to change that.
  But, in the meantime, I'm going to continue to throw out my ideas.
  Please tear it apart, kill it, praise it, or whatever you wish!

  As many of you know, I'm primarily a text-mode (console/xterm/ssh)
  and screen kind of guy, though I do live in X when I'm at home.
  (Gotta love the maximaxed, borderless xterms!)  Anyway, I also am
  really enjoying the new GTK IM and the possibilities that it can
  offer.  I am willing to shift to it as my primary communication
  client, ditching epic4 for IRC.  But, I really need to be able to
  connect to my client from ssh -- using VNC really doesn't work that
  well from my cable modem to campus.  I could just disconnect from
  GTK IM when I leave in the morning and connect via epic under screen
  and then reconnect via GTK IM at night.  But that is a hassle.

  This is what I propose, and ask if this is possible or plausible:
  Add another layer between GTK IM and the [twisted.words/TOC/IRC]
  supports.  This layer will have no UI, but will act as an abstract
  client for those support services.  It will keep track of all
  activity on your joined channels, any /msgs, etc.  Then, a UI client
  will connect to this layer thingamajig.  It will be able to display
  all of the activity that has taken place while disconnected and then
  will communicate with the twisted.words server via the layer
  thingamajig.  Then, I need to write a text-mode client for this
  (grrr, the annoying part) so I can just re-connect with that when I
  ssh into my box, but then later re-attach the GTK client, taking me
  back to where it was in the text-mode client.

  I don't think I'm being very clear, so I hope y'all understand.
  Either one of the clients can automatically start the layer
  thingamajig if it isn't already running, so those who don't want the
  detachable capability will use the client unawares.

  Good, bad, ugly, dumb?  How hard?



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