[Twisted-Python] IM feature requests

Travis B. Hartwell slt5v at cc.usu.edu
Fri Feb 1 04:27:56 EST 2002

Hey all,
  I am excited for the new GTK IM client that is in CVS.  I've been
  happy with its features thus far -- pretty good for a program that is
  so new.  Anyway, since I am in some strange e-mail writing mood, I
  thought I would document for the world (or at least those planning on
  working on GTK IM in the near future) some of my feature requests for
  t-im, so that it becomes very useful for me.  These aren't all high
  priority, and I myself might want to try to add some of these.  But
  it's just a list for the world to see:

  1.  Tabbed interface.  I would prefer that it all be in one window
  instead of all separate.  Especially if I have multiple private
  conversations going on, and am on multiple channels.  Hopefully this
  one won't be too hard, since we have Glade at our disposal.

  2.  Tab completion.  This one actually doesn't look too hard to add,
  and if no one is planning on this one, I might try it this weekend,
  with a little help.  I'm so used to my IRC clients completing nicks
  for me when I press tab that I feel deprived without it.

  3.  Nick highlighting.  Highlighting messages directed towards you.

  4.  /me working.  I'm getting used to seeing /me a lot.  That's
  probably a words thing.

  5.  Hi-light tab titles to indicate activity.  IIRC, X-Chat highlights
  with one color for normal activity in a non-active tab, and another if
  your nick was mentioned.

  6.  Keyboard control.  Shortcut keys for everything -- switching tabs,

  7.  Integrated contact management.  Okay, this one is my deal.  Should
  be fun.

  8.  The kitchen sink.  I would love for this to be the ultimate
  communication tool for me.  Does words support file transfer?
  Something akin to /dcc?  What about the whiteboard thingy that somone
  (was it Acap?) was working on a long time ago?  Just the ultimate!

  Good work and I will try to contribute how I can!


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