[Twisted-Python] gtkLineClient.py

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 26 20:07:27 EDT 2002

> > # gtkLineClient.py
> > # Free. Please share
>Hi Lee! What exactly is this client for? At first I figured it was just
>something to test one's line-based server protocols with, but the
>"USERNAME_foo" line implies some sort of protocol (I think?).

For? Heh heh.

It is really just my attempt to make a gtk application talk
over the internet.

I had looked at the only other gtk app that came with the
0.19 distribution, but it used twisted.spread which frankly I
did not understand. I just wanted something which could send
lines in response to gtk events and listen for lines and
call back in to the app.

I tried to make it a simple basic gtk client. I thought it
might be useful to other people trying to get this thing going.

I continued on from there and I am mostly finished with
Twisted Tic Tac Toe, which lets people play (you guess it)
naughts and crosses over the network.

On that USERNAME_ thing... yes, I implemented a tic-tac-toe
protocol, but how would one go about authenticating securely
(assuming one's tic-tac-toe game was deemed important enough
to not send passwords in the clear) I guess I should look at
the twisted ssl stuff.

Thanks for the twisted. It's fun.

Lee Harr
missive at hotmail.com

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