[Twisted-Python] Please help with Deferreds

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Aug 26 13:50:34 EDT 2002

On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 11:43:46AM +1000, Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> > #!/usr/bin/python
> > import sys
> > from twisted.internet import defer, reactor
> > d=defer.Deferred()
> > d.callback(0)
> > d2=defer.Deferred()
> > d.addCallback(lambda x,d2=d2: d2)
> So you've effectively done:
> d = defer.Deferred()
> d2 = defer.Deferred()
> d.callback(d2)

	Not really. You'll notice that Deferred addCallbacks
	handlers returning Deferreds is handled differently
	from d.callback(Deferred()); the former gets special
	treatment, the latter doesn't.

	Your version never outputs "1", it outputs repr(d2)
	for the callLater version and repr(d) for the immediate

	My version outputs "1" for the immediate case and
	repr(d2) for the callLater version.

> Consider what happens to your first Deferred, d, with that line
> uncommented:
>   d = defer.Deferred()      # 1. Create it
>   d.callback(d2)            # 2. call it with some value (d2)
>   reactor.callLater(....)   # 3. this doesn't happen yet
>   d.addCallback(....)       # 4. this fires *immediately*, and writes
>                                  the value from 2., which is d2

	Yes, but only because you modified it to be such.

> So that's why it prints the Deferred in that case.  Now back the way the
> code is originally:
>   d = defer.Deferred()      # 1. Create it
>   d.callback(d2)            # 2. call it with some value (d2)
>   d2.callback(1)            # 3. call d2 with another value (1)
>   d.addCallback(....)       # 4. this fires *immediately*, and writes 
>                                  the value from 2. -- which is 1???
> That does confuse me.  Somehow, if a callback has a result which is
> another Deferred, it does something special to automatically call that
> Deferred, which I didn't realise and seems nasty to me.  I thought that
> was only meant to happen if you explicitly called chainDeferred?

	Yes, exactly. And I'm asking why this mechanism doesn't
	work with callLater.

> I've just re-read doc/howto/defer and I see that this is in fact
> explained under the heading "Chain Deferreds", but I'm still curious as
> to why this behaviour is necessary... "explicit is better than
> implicit", etc :)

	And it can't be emulated with chainDeferred, for the simple
	reason of needing to hold both Deferreds at once. The thing
	registered with addCallback doesn't have a reference to the
	Deferred it is added to, and it could be added to many


def foo(dummy):
	return d2



def foo(dummy, d):
	return dummy

d.addCallback(foo, d)

	Plus, it allows you to use more things as callbacks; many
	information retrieval funcs return either the wanted result
	or a Deferred. They are very nice to use as callbacks,
	chaining them to retrieve values for each other.

> Anyway, I hope you now understand why that code behaves the way it
> does...

	No, I don't. You only managed to miss the point :)

:(){ :|:&};:

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