[Twisted-Python] t.e.rows and serial

Benjamin Bruheim phed at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Aug 20 05:30:24 EDT 2002


I've started to examine t.e.rows to see if it fits me. But at the 
moments it's just an ugly collection of tests. But still I think my 
problems are actual:
Its currently based on the rows-examples that come with twisted. There 
is a single problem I have. If I try to use the type serial, so that the 
id for the stuff I put into the db is autoincremented, I get the 
DBError, "Type serial no known". All examples I've encountered elsewhere 
increments the id manually, but I do not gain anything on doing that.
Are there any generic methods for solving this, or are there any helpers 
out there?
Second, what's this "catch all exceptions"-thing I've encountered? I 
must print out the exceptions manually, even though I thought these were 
thrown into the deferredexceptionchain/as a Failure. Any ideas?

Benjamin Bruheim

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