[Twisted-Python] Question about pbquote example

Steve Waterbury waterbug at beeblebrox.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 13 16:45:37 EDT 2002


First, thanks for extending the TwistedQuotes example with pbquote.py 
and quotetap2.py -- very helpful!  

Question:  in pbquote.py, the QuoteReader's method is named 
perspective_nextQuote(), which returns the result of the quoter's 
getQuote() ... so I'm guessing you named the perspective method that way 
(instead of perspective_getQuote(), e.g.) to emphasize that the result one 
perspective gets from a service is not necessarily the same as the 
result another perspective would get, since it could be affected by 
the perspective's identity, states, etc. -- independently of the 
fact that, in this particular case, the results are random 
anyway (a somewhat impertinent artifact of the quoter example ;^)?  

-- Steve.

Stephen C. Waterbury  http://misspiggy.gsfc.nasa.gov/people/waterbug.html

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