[Twisted-Python] Twisted.web/DOMTemplate

Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Aug 11 05:39:30 EDT 2002

On Saturday, August 10, 2002, at 05:54 AM, Stephen Thorne wrote:

> Okay, I've been doing some hacking trying to make a small application 
> using
> twisted.web and the .rpy stuff, using DOMTemplate.

Awesome. I really appreciate people using it and providing feedback; 
designing in a vacuum is tough.

[ snip ]

> This (when twistd --nodaemon is used) prints 1 twice (instead of the 
> once
> expected).

[ snip ]

> This is *bad*. viewMethod in this instance is 
> response.factory_getBody, and in
> order to figure out if factory_getBody returns a widget as opposed to 
> an
> instance of xml.dom.minidom.Element it actually calls the function to 
> have a
> look. If it doesn't return a widget it *throws the result away*. 
> viewMethod
> is then returned and used elsewhere, where its actually intended to be 
> used.

Indeed it is bad. The fix was to return the result up if the result was 
*not* a widget, and not bother calling viewMethod again. Since I always 
program DOMTemplate using domwidgets nowadays, I never encountered this.

Patch committed, which you already know since you committed the patch 

> Considering that rendering a template node could have program logic in 
> it that
> only should be evaluated once per pageview. It could also carry some
> expensive database transactions.

Just fyi,it is possible to do this sort of setup by overriding the 
setUp method. However, there are often cases where doing a monolithic 
"setUp" doesn't make sense, and leaving each node to gather it's own 
data is lazier and therefore more efficient.

Thanks for the bug report.

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