[Twisted-Python] More on e-speak

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Tue Apr 23 07:26:34 EDT 2002

from E FAQ - e-speak sounds more and more like PB (although it did use XML 

6.5. How does E relate to other efforts such as e-speak, EROS, and Mozart?

E is a language and infrastructure for secure distributed applications; 
e-speak provides only the infrastructure. Both E and e-speak use capability 
mechanisms for access control, while e-speak also has mechanisms for naming 
and discovery. Both E and e-speak have trusted code that mediates requests, 
allowing a degree of manageability not provided by systems that don't 
mediate, such as Jini. Unlike E, e-speak is language independent, having had 
programming libraries for Java, Python, C++, and Perl (in various stages of 
completeness) in addition to a version for document exchange programming in 
XML. The E language makes security guarantees that e-speak cannot. For 
example, an E program can be analyzed for capability confinement. [Alan Karp]

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