[Twisted-Python] WebDAV in twisted.web.server

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at online.no
Sun Sep 9 12:55:34 EDT 2001

>> everything. If a putChild should be put into a collection is a discussion on its own :) (I 
>> will however mean that a DAVResource should be a good starting point for making 
>> everything DAV, by letting the stuff to go DAV inherit DAVResource)
> The alternative is to phase in DAV into twisted.web.resource itself and make _everything_ WebDAV. A 
> DAVResource will require everything to register the files so that properties can be assigned to them.

A discussion on its own; I'm already disagreeing with my self; The DAVResource just uses the getChild-construction to run through the tree. It just needs enough data to get a list of its childrens resources ("files"/entities), and the ability to retrieve/patch the dict containing properties for each entity.

// phed

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