[Twisted-Python] reality server vs PUB

Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com
Sun Sep 2 19:27:22 EDT 2001

!On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 10:07:23AM +1000, Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com wrote:
!> Is it my imagination, or is twisted.reality somewhat similar to Python 
!> Universe Builder? I have just discovered this after reading through the 

!> i-f newsgroups this morning.  I plan on downloading it and taking it 
!> to look at.

!Yes, they are similiar -- they both use Python to achieve a great deal of
!built-in dynamism.  They both use pickle to save game state.  However, 
PUB is
!more solidly focused on single-player games, with a trivial networking 
!(they appear to use neither select nor threading, but expect full 
messages to
!arrive at once and never have a socket block.  This will really only work 
!testing on a single machine.  Twisted Reality is more of a small RPG 
engine to
!demonstrate the capabilities of its robust networking layer.

I haven't really looked into the PUB network module at all, but obviously 
you have. I was wondering if there was anything PUB does better than TR, 
or if there was anything TR could borrow from PUB. There certainly must be 
some common code.

!I think that neither one is sufficiently mature to make full-blown
!'Jigsaw'-sized games in without hacking on them a bit.

Is this a viable long-term goal? Porting 'Jigsaw' to TR? Hmm... now *that* 
would be interesting. I confess to not having played 'Jigsaw' yet.

!And to let the mask of objectivity drop for a moment, I think that 
Twisted has
!considerably more momentum at this point, even if most of the effort 
!going into improving Reality itself :-).

I can't argue about that. I have looked at their sourceforge mailing list 

!> Btw, how do I go about getting a TM home-page?

!Meet me on IRC (#python on irc.openprojects.net) and ask nicely :-). I 
need to
!speak with you in real-time to set up an account, and we can put you on 
!CVS at the same time.

I'll have to see what I can do about that. My Internet connection from 
work does not allow IRC (damn that firewall). I do not have Internet 
connection at home as hard as that may be to believe :) Which only leaves 
the Internet cafe I sometimes go to during lunch. Tell you what, I will 
get onto the channel today (I hope) and see what happens. Then we can go 
from there.

I'm not sure what time-zone you are in, either. I am in Brisbane, 
Australia, which is GMT +10:00. This is always a problem when trying to 
communicate real-time with someone overseas.


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