[Twisted-Python] DCC PERSPECTIVE

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Oct 25 03:48:16 EDT 2001

So here's how DCC SEND works in IRC-land:

When I offer a file for DCC, I bind a socket to port 0, and I send you a
CTCP message with my address, the port number, an argument providing the
filename, and if I'm feeling nice, a filesize parameter as well.  I wait
for someone to attach to this port (hopefully it's you), stop listening
for anything else, and start pumping the file through the socket.
DCC CHAT works the same way, except I use the socket for a line-oriented
chat instead of file transport.

So here's me, doin' this thing for the Twisted protocol while glyph is
telling me about distributed hacks involving shotguns with retro-rockets
and superheated rods for inertial dampeners, and it hits me: Another way
to advertise PB services would be with a DCC PERSPECTIVE query.  You
could pass a OTP or something instead of a filename, and then the
PB-enabled IRC client would do getObjectAt...

Now is that useless, or what!

"but-I'm-*not*-coding-IRC"-ly yours,

 - Acap^H^H^H^HKevin

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