[Twisted-Python] (no subject)

Blake Winton blakew at sonainnovations.com
Wed Oct 17 17:26:38 EDT 2001

> > Rename everything in bin\ to include ".py" at the end.
> > Does this break anything in particular for the Unix folks?
> > I realize it does make it a little more annoying, but can
> > you live with that to get it working under Windows?
> Well, see, the twistd binary in there is mainly oriented towards unix
> (it will try to daemonize, unless there's a '-n' option, etc.), and
> really what is needed is decent infrastructure for running under
> Windows. That means a .exe generated from distutils, and an NT service,
> and as Juergen said autogenerated binaries.

That would all be nice.  Is anyone working on it?

> Given all that, it does run, last I checked

I'm still having problems with mktap, but they seem to be more
problems with my Python setup than with mktap itself...
Oh, wait, there it goes...

> (I did an app.run(0) instead of running my daemon with twistd).

I'm going to write up how I got working what I got working, and post it
to the list...  Later, after I've got more than just the web server
running.  Which probably means tomorrow, since now it's Wolfenstein time. ;)

> Except there was that wierd bug where
> telnetting from linux to a windows telnet server crashed twisted (I'm
> not kidding)...

Ugh.  I don't think I could even test for that.

As for the other bug, are you going to check in a fix?  I agree that a
call to rstrip() in the _encode method is the "Right Thing (tm)".


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