[Twisted-Python] Teud

Jürgen Hermann jhe at webde-ag.de
Tue Oct 9 10:54:55 EDT 2001

> > 	* xmldoc.py should emit a SAX2 stream, not write to a 
> file directly.
> Makes sense.

Unfortunately, on a first look pydoc makes this hard (by returning string
values to build a result). I have to take a deeper look whether it's

> > xmldoc.dtd (which I wrote and committet):
> >     * submodule should contain a description, not #PCDATA
> the #PCDATA is the description in all elements.

Still, there is sometimes a description element and sometimes not. And it's
not clear why.

> >     * class/@parents should be @bases (cf. __bases__)
> OK.

Changed and committed. Also added optional doctype & encoding.

I also added my own versions of stylesheet & css, the stylesheet takes
parameters and is thus easily adapted to dynamic page generation.

Ciao, Jürgen

Jürgen Hermann, Developer (jhe at webde-ag.de)
WEB.DE AG, http://webde-ag.de/

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