[Twisted-Python] Re: pretzel

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Oct 5 00:23:46 EDT 2001

What's the "if" clause in the features loop of BreadStick.sendMessage()
supposed to be doing?  

Why is the feature's method named "do" instead of "sendMessage"?  What's
the difference between features and SaltGrains?

What's the difference between a SaltGrain (or feature) and a
pb^H^Hpassport.Service?  May saltGrain.network be the same as
service.serviceName?  May person be a passport.Identity?

Must message be a string?

See...  Pretzel puzzles me.  This project has some ideas with great
potential, and it's precisely the sort of thing Twisted is good at...
so I don't get why you seem to be intent on re-implementing Twisted
inside of Twisted.  I guess that would make Pretzel live up to its name,

This is why I kept asking what features pretzel was going to have,
because that's where I thought the fun was going to be.  If you had an
factoid-service, for example, which could be accessed through both IRC
and the web, that could be cool.  And there are definately some
protocol/interface-specific gaps to fill in before that will work. i.e.
msg'ing "Hi" to a Twisted IRC client doesn't currently set up any
sort of broker/viewpoint for you, so that'd be an excellent area for
überbot code to cover...

But establishing local services (SaltGrains) and passing messages
between them...  That's what Twisted *does*, no need to create more
infastructure there.

Am I missing something?  I may just be speaking up too soon on a subject
I know nothing about, but hey, that's what you get for checking it in to
CVS.  ;)

"No, you're not going to trick me into writing IRC code *again*"-ly,

 - Kevin (Acapnotic)

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