[Twisted-Python] Twisted.blog

Michael Dartt mad96 at hampshire.edu
Wed Nov 28 17:50:45 EST 2001

What about coding the DB parts against the Python DB API Spec. 2.0?  

> > I'm considering using Twisted for a news/portal site in a similar
> style to 
> > Slashdot.  Glyph told me that there's been some discussion about
> creating a 
> > Twisted package along these lines.  I couldn't find anything in the
> archives; 
> > has anyone started work on such a thing?
> Hm.. There have been a few attempts at a weblog, and the most recent
> one
> was just removed from CVS for lack of maintenance. The only hurdle I
> can
> see for creating a good blog system (utilizing WebWidgets etc) would
> be
> lack of decent database support in Twisted. There is glyph's adbapi
> module, which is an async interface to dbapi, but I'm not sure how
> useful it would be (note that I have very little experience with dbs).
> Anyway, if you do decide to do this, give me a holler and I'll help
> out.

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