[Twisted-Python] Intro and "Slash- or Squishdot-style stuff?"

Michael Dartt mad96 at hampshire.edu
Wed Nov 28 12:11:37 EST 2001

Hello, everyone.  <introduction>I did some work with God--er, Glyph--on Twisted 
Reality back in the days when it was in Java.  I've done a decent chunk of 
coding, including using Python (which is still my favorite language), but I 
admit to being almost a complete newbie when it comes to network programming.  
Other than that...I live in Madison, WI and work at EDS on the WI Medicaid 

I'm considering using Twisted for a news/portal site in a similar style to 
Slashdot.  Glyph told me that there's been some discussion about creating a 
Twisted package along these lines.  I couldn't find anything in the archives; 
has anyone started work on such a thing?

Also, does the server run reliably under Windows 9x?



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