[Twisted-Python] userinfo, etc, for twisted.ftp

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at online.no
Mon May 14 07:44:38 EDT 2001


twisted.ftp is now in an nearly usable state. There are some problems 
active ftp'ing (net.TCPClient does not exactly have the same interface
as net.TCPServer), but this is really an minor issue. And for those
who want to try it, use the bsd-ftp and remember to turn on binary
transfers! The client seems to modify the files to conform to ascii :)

ATM there is no auth'ing in twisted.ftp; and this is really the biggest
issue with it. So, I wonder, how should it perform auth? Where can it
find the homedir? And setting the access to the user?
Well, much of this information could be found in the sources already,
but I would like to know how much should be done unix-style or
twisted.style :)


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