[Twisted-Python] Remember: slower pizza's more luscious.

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Tue May 8 07:41:32 EDT 2001

AUSTIN (AP) -- Twisted Matrix Laboratories today unveiled the 
much-anticipated and much-delayed most recent iteration of their "Twisted 
Python" product suite.  Equipped with more internet and more sticks than ever 
before, the power to destroy the sun, and a mail server, this release will 
"pose a significant threat to our competition, as soon as we figure out who 
we're competing with and for what", according to Evil Overlord Glyph 

Despite the terrifying power and grace that this version exhibits, plans at 
the matrix's center are only to accelerate the pace of development. Chief 
Reality Engineer Allen Short commented, "By the time we reach our goals for 
version 1.0.0, the Illuminati -- one of our many `enterprise support' clients 
-- will be able to use this software to [censored] the [censored] with enough 
[censored] to [censored]!  Can you imagine that?"

Information about this software and twisted matrix enterprises, as well as 
the most recent version of the source code, is available at 


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