[Twisted-Python] Python is just Too Easy

Moshe Zadka moshez at zadka.site.co.il
Sat May 5 06:41:52 EDT 2001

I know I continually promised that 0.8.5 will be the "hard to configure but
working SMTP/POP3 servers". Well, sorry...
I've checked in a nifty little utility called bin/mkmailserver
Unfortunately, there's no documentation yet, so here's a rough
explanation on how to use it:

bin/mkmailserver create <smtp port> <pop3 port>

And you'll have a mail.spl which always answers "I don't know what
you're talking about".

To add support for a domain, run

bin/mkmailserver domain <smtp name> <pop3 name> <root dir>

What this means is that if you want to have a server that handles mail
for "example.com", but when pulling it via POP3 you just want to specify
the local part, use

bin/mkmailserver domain example.com '' <some directory>

The directory should exist and be empty, BTW.

Now you have a user-less domain -- so, it will still answer "I don't
know who that user is, sorry". Add a user using

bin/mkmailserver <pop3 domain> <user> <password>

Suppose that I want to add glyph to the POP3 domain above, I'll run

bin/mkmailserver '' glyph s3kr1t

Now, connecting to the SMTP server and sending mail to glyph at example.com,
it will be saved in the directory. If glyph then conencts to the POP3
server and authenticates (via APOP only!) with "s3kr1t",  then he'll
be able to retrieve that mail.

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