[Twisted-Python] What you thought would always last has passed you by...

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Jun 30 21:45:53 EDT 2001

Apologies for the dearth of information on the mailing list and releases
lately.  I've been working on a new job, visiting my family, and some
other things.  However, I have been pouring quite a bit of effort into
Twisted Python as well.  The most exciting new development is Perspective
Broker, the erstwhile replacement for Gloop; I'm currently starting to
remove the old gloop-protocols in .web and .reality and replace them with
the newer, more robust perspective protocol.  Perspective Broker is more
than just a more robust Gloop, though; it's a culmination of all my
thinking about XML-RPC, CORBA, PyRO, and RMI.  The first application that
uses it to its full potential won't be available for a while, but trust
me, it'll be cool :-) 

Chris Armstrong has been doing a first-class job taking care of some
structural refactorings that needed to be done to make twisted.web and
twisted.reality worthwhile; although this doesn't meet our stated release
goals for 0.9.0, I really think that this release is worthy of a major
version bump.

Finally, in a roundabout way, the issue was raised that perhaps we should
change the project's name.  Twisted Python is mimsleading; it's not a
distribution of python, it's a collection of things written *in* python
(the convention is that other projects -- Stackless Python, Active
Python, Mac Python, Jython -- are actually interpreters).

Rather than attempmting to elevate the status of the somewhat dubious
'ouroboros' module, it might be better just to call the full distribution
TwistedMatrix-0.9.0 on the next release, with individual modules
eventually being released separately

Any thoughts on the name change issue?

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