[Twisted-Python] ANN: I am the end of all your dreams.

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Jul 19 05:52:11 EDT 2001

DARKNESS AT THE END OF TIME (AP): The increasingly infamous "Twisted"
internet infrastructure suite from Twisted Matrix Laboratories got another
revision today, at version 0.9.1.  During a routine rearranging of the
web-site in preparation for the release, the software's much touted
"ability to destroy the sun" was accidentally triggered, causing the star
at the center of our solar system to implode violently and extinguish
itself.  Prepared for just such an eventuality, Chris Armstrong -- a
spokesperson for Twisted Matrix -- announced that the "enterprise edition"
of Twisted-0.9.2 will "come packaged with three free `ability to restore
the sun' support incidents, for the modest price of 3 quintillion standard
galactic credits".

While many were quick to cast the solar vandals in a poor light, a
little-known, but influential, political group, the "Pittsburgh Society of
Underwriters", promptly made a public statement in Twisted's defense; that
"far graver threats to freedom and whitespace exist than those within our
small planetary orbit".  A spokesperson for the group, identified only as
"Tim"  said at a press conference (in a twangy, metallic voice), "Space
holds a terrible power".

Chief Reality Engineer Allen Short could not be reached for comment, but
sources close to the Matrix claim he was off-planet, visiting Hornclausica
IV, the enigmatic homeworld of Prolog programmers.


This release contains a few bugfixes for twisted.spread, a more stable
spreadable webserver, an actually functional IRC server.  Additionally the
tm.com website has been reorganized slightly (finally pythonic.org has a
different frontpage... ^_^).

I'd like to ask that anybody looking for something fun to do with twisted
start trying to break pb, especially its security.  I'm curious how it
will hold up to a real focused onslaught.

Until next time...

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