[Twisted-Python] Seamless Information Space

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It's in the subject line.  :-)  S.I.S. is just my way of 
referring to that data I carry around in the Palm and access 
with the Palm Desktop, which could someday in the future be 
replaced by some set of objects running in Twisted, including 
Twisted PIM.  "Seamless information space" describes an
experience of relating to the data, as not having the data 
be *a* file on *that* computer, but as an integrated set of
data that you can access anywhere, even if you are offline
(like on the Palm).

To clarify my previous statement, I meant that it would be 
cool to have multiple _simultaneous_ views into the same 
information space, which being client-server, shouldn't
be a problem, right?  It could be multiple web browsers,
I suppose, or multiple GTK+ clients.  

An example of that idea in the Palm Desktop case would be
to have two or more instances of Desktop visible, each 
displaying different categories of data, so you can work
in different data contexts without flipping back and forth.

Roughly, the virtual equivalent of having several books
open on your desk to just the right spot in each.

The Palm Desktop currently isn't designed to let you do
that, and that limitation can be frustrating.

How is TwistedPim coming along?


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On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 06:41:28PM -0500, Jason L. Asbahr wrote:
> Random thought of the day:
> Speaking of S.I.S., ;-), I'm finding that I really want *multiple* 
> views onto my the data that I'm carrying around.  One Palm Desktop
> window into the data is restrictive.  
> J

Ok, first off, what's SIS?

If you're talking about TwistedPim, then we do plan on having multiple GUIs
for whatever pim interfaces you want (web, Palm, GTK+..).
*Are* you talking about TwistedPim?

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