[Twisted-Python] OpenCyc

Jason L. Asbahr jasbahr at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jul 9 21:00:14 EDT 2001


I had an excellent -- and long -- meeting today with the 
people behind the OpenCyc effort at Cycorp.  I'm very
interested in using knowledge bases like Cyc to advance 
the state of the art of massively multiplayer virtual 
worlds.  I believe that the next wave of MMPVR will employ 
knowledge bases to capture game abstractions, rules, 
and semantics.  The Cyc folks are very interested in 
helping with that effort.  

Naturally, integrating Cyc with Twisted seems like the 
right way to pursue this.  :-)  

Y'all probably read the article that was posted on Slashdot
awhile back, but here it is again:


and the main sites:


The Cycorp folks are going to develop a Python interface
to Cyc, and we'll be getting access to early releases of
OpenCyc here shortly.  I'd like whoever is interested in
this to read over the docs when they become available, and
to be prepared to submit feedback to the OpenCyc folks to
help them make the docs as useful as possible.



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