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Jason L. Asbahr jasbahr at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jul 9 01:38:28 EDT 2001


Palm's latest desktop app has a new look:


A Twisted app which could match Palm's level of personal
information organization would be good, one that could
surpass it would be great.

I've used paper-based Franklin Planners, the original
Apple Newton, the Palm III, and currently loving the
Kyocera Palm/cellphone combo unit (with Internet access,
oh yeah).

I spend 80% of my time with the Palm in the Memos
section, 15% in Addresses, 5% in Calendar, and 0%
in Todos.  Not that I don't keep todos, it's just
that the one built into the Palm suite is too limited.
(I keep them in various memo categories.)

When I'm sitting in front of a computer, I have the
Palm desktop app open.  When I get up, I sync and
have the Palm with me.  The Palm bridges data between
computers that I use.  Activity logs, ideas, project
meta-information, notes, web links are all there,
part of the seamless information space formed between
the desktop apps and the portable device.  From this
perspective, the device is far less important than the
information space, it can be seen as merely one view
into that space.

In addition to the basic Palm apps, I use a piece
of software called 'Secret!', which has a Palm-hosted
app, a desktop-front end, and a conduit to connect
the two.  It acts as a (simple) memo app, but it
encrypts that data for true privacy:


Strong encryption is a requirement for any personal
information application.

Also, there's some really interesting functionality
being developed by the oddly named folks, Llama


Their app is called "Life Balance", which claims to be
"the first personal productivity application designed to help Palm users go
beyond conventional planning systems to not only manage their time but to
achieve balance between the often conflicting demands of career and personal

They don't have the desktop front-end ready, but will
RSN.  When they do, it will probably be a tool worth

There are still good ideas to extract from the Franklin
Planner people, especially their diverse set of forms
for various specialized purposes.  Hmm... Checking the
site now, they have a new app called 'One Place' which
does some interesting indexing and cross-referencing
of your hard drive and documents, behold the intensely
cheesy demo:



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