[Twisted-Python] newbie question: error handling

Ivo van der Wijk ivo at amaze.nl
Sun Dec 30 18:44:31 EST 2001

Hi All,

I'm currently migrating my irc client to twisted, and things look

However, I can't figure out the following things:

My protocol is derived from protocols.basic.LineReceiver
(which in turn derives from protocol.Protocol.protocol).

How can I determine what specific error condition caused connectionLost()
or connectionFailed()? I.e. connection refused, unknown hostname,
no route to host, etc (the standard errno stuff). 

Also, how can I determine if Linereceived.sendLine() (or 
Protocol.Transport.write()) failed? It doesn't seem to return an
error value or raise Exceptions, and depending on the invocation
of connectionLost makes things perhaps too asynchronous..



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