[Twisted-Python] How to test metrics

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Thu Dec 27 04:44:35 EST 2001

0. make sure postgres and pypgsql are installed (apt-get install python-pgsql).

1. run "createdb twisted"

2. using psql, create the tables listed in the schemas in 
twisted/enterprise/dbpassport.py and twisted/metrics/metricsdb.py

3. $ cat twisted/enterprise/populate.sql | psql twisted
    $ cat twisted/metrics/populate.sql | psql twisted

4. $ twisted -n -y doc/examples/metrics.tac

5. $ PYTHONPATH=. python twisted/metrics/test-client.py

6. Point your browser at http://locahost:8485/

Perhaps there should be a doc/examples/metrics/ and the populate.sql and 
test-client.py, test-os.py and metrics.tac should be there?

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