[Twisted-Python] Metrics and all that jazz

Sean Riley sean at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Dec 26 14:34:06 EST 2001

yes, i must write some docs.

did you run the populate.sql script? each metrics variable must exist in the
metrics_variables table.

rddtool looks interesting. i will take a look in more detail.

all good feedback! thanks.

Unfortunately I currently don't have a production system that this is
running on - it is for a system that isn't built yet. It turned out that
implementing it took about the same time as writing the technical
specification document for it in the required format, so I did them both

Could you elaborate on "An additional way of keeping track of open
connections and their metrics"?

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I've been looking at metrics - currently the model is multiple machines,
connecting to a central metrics server that stores metrics in postgres. I'm
going to need something like that, so that's good, but it should also scale

Oh, and Sean, I couldn't actually get values added by test-client.py to show
up in the web interface - maybe try recreating your test environment from
scratch and see what step are missing from Twisted? I keep getting these

26/12/2001 16:16 [Broker,0,] ERROR: unknown variable  counter3

So, what metrics needs:

1. Ability to store metrics in memory or in a round-robin database, and on
the local server too (for smaller setups and for easier testing.) See the
Round Robin Archives section of
http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/rrdtrool/manual/index.html for
details on what it is - it's a more reasonable way of storing data than a
RDBMS for this sort of thing in a lot of cases.

2. OS statistics for Unix - does resource.rusage() give the necessary info?

3. Docs, explanations, examples of protocol specific statistics (e.g. Web).

4. An additional way of keeping track of open connections and their metrics,
which should combine with the current metrics system.

5. Exporting stats to Windows NT Performance Monitor so it can do pretty
graphs and stuff.

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