[Twisted-Python] What's so cool about Twisted?

Michael Dartt mad96 at hampshire.edu
Thu Dec 20 18:26:06 EST 2001

(Yes, Glyph, I know it leads to increased sexual potency.)

The really short version of this email: What features/tools/etc. does Twisted 
offer, how do they differ from conventional APIs/programs, and what do they 
do?  (E.g. Sessions vs. cookies, Widgets, Passport....)  What would 
its "feature list" look like?

The longer version:

The recent message about CGI/Sessions got me wondering how Twisted differs from 
other 'net frameworks, and how I can capitalize on its advantages.  For 
example, I'm planning on running a blog on top of Twisted (all I need is a 
computer to code on...:P).  On a standard web server, I'd probably set most of 
it up as CGIs, at least initially, and use cookies for dealing with "members" 
and such.  But Twisted's got these things called Sessions and Passports, and 
I've seen a lot of bits thrown about in regard to Widgets.  And there's 
probably a lot of stuff I haven't heard about.

I know there's the "Why Twisted?" section, but it's *extremely* high-level, 
basically saying "It's written in Python, has a bunch of different protocols 
that can interface, and is well-supported," which is like someone handing you a 
tool box and telling you, "There are some really useful tools in here.  They're 
like ones you may have heard about, but better."  "So...why are they better?  
What do they do?  Why would I want this tool set over a different one?"

I realize at least part of this comes from my ignorance regarding network 
programming; I'm basically a neophyte when it comes to that.  Otherwise, I 
could probably dive into the code and figure out what does what, and how it's 
different or better than the way things are normally done.  As it is, I 
wouldn't know where to start.  Once I know what the parts are and what they do, 
I should be able to use my m4D Py7h0n sKi11Z (;-}) to figure out the "how".

Thanks in advance,


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