[Twisted-Python] Standalone IRC server, or Passport/Words/Something sucks

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Dec 3 13:47:48 EST 2001

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 03:12:22PM +0200, Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> Issues:
> 2. The automatic user creation is horribly verbose, hard to understand, and 
> hacky (getPerspectiveNamed, specifically.)

{{{ # In response to Itamar's code:

from twisted.words import service, ircservice

class SimpleService(service.Service):

# If this is a standalone service, why does it inherit from
# words.service?  You override all its methods save the dictionary
# accessor 'getGroup' anyhow.

    def createParticipant(self, name):
        if not self.participants.has_key(name):
            log.msg("Created New Participant: %s" % name)

# Huh? createParticipant creates a log entry, but *not* a Participant?

     def getPerspectiveNamed(self, name):
         if self.participants.has_key(name):
             raise service.WordsError, "user exists"

# Woah.  getPerspectiveNamed is *supposed* to return existing
# perspectives.  This error might be appropriate in createParticipant,
# but not here.

             p = service.Participant(name)

# Don't bitch about this method being "horribly verbose" when you
# explicitly duplicate code that's defined in your subclass.  The above
# is done in passport.Service.createPerspective, which you deliberately
# clobbered.

             ident = passport.Identity(name, self.application)
             ident.setPassword("ugly hack")
# If you want to do this, please factor the strict authorization
# requirements out of words.ircservice.IRCChatter.irc_NICK (or factor
# words.ircservice.IRCChatter out of words.*) instead of doing an 
# "ugly hack".

# If you're using 'anonymous' logins with transient user identites,
# why are you using Identities at all?  None of this is necessary if
# you're not planning on making use of a passport.DefaultAuthorizer
# anyway.  See for example words.tendril._newParticipant, no identities
# are created and bound either here or in words.service methods.

             self.participants[name] = p
             return p

Overall, yes, words.ircservice is absolutely horrible for use as a
"normal" IRC server.  But then, it's not intended to be one, that's why
it's in the twisted.words package.  It's also true that it's a fairly
shoddy Words interface as well, but aren't they all?  ;)

 - AcapNotIRC

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