[Twisted-Python] Twisted.Web memory usage, and other things

Thyrr thyrr at bb3.betterbox.net
Sun Apr 29 03:55:19 EDT 2001

I'm planning on setting up a web server and was wondering how much
memory TwistedPython uses up compared to Apache, especially since my
RAM is limited. I would also like to know is TwistedPython supports
virtual hosts at this time, and whether there's any way to have a
persistant interpreter like mod_perl and mod_php.

Oh, and while I'm asking questions, how does one create a multi-user
interactive fiction? Strikes me as an odd concept as I've never seen one,
but an interesting possibility. Python is in some ways similar to TADS
(text adventure development system)'s scripting language, but TADS is
geared towards a single user. Wouldn't a multiplayer IF game be like a
singleplayer IF game except there's only one set of objects for the
players to fight over? By the way, there's a MUD base derived from LPC
called MudOS that tried to accomplish some of the same goals as
TwistedPython, like network services including HTTP, FTP, Intermud Chat,
etc, and providing sort of an internal shell with programs.

And another quick question: What's the GTK stuff for?

  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,

 - Thyrr at BB3.BetterBox.net

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