[Twisted-Python] And Now I Eat humble.py

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Apr 11 11:50:05 EDT 2001

Well, the "Super-Duper It-Can't-Break 
No-Really-It's-Not-Like-The-Java-Version-I-Swear" version of containment in 
Twisted Reality broke rather nastily after dash sent out his update email 
regarding the demo.  I *think* I've got it mostly fixed now... at least, a 
nastily contrived, pathological unit test passes, and it appears to do the 
correct thing interactively.  It doesn't try to keep track of nearly so much 
stuff now, so even if it does break, it's likely that the breakage will be in 
event updates and not the actual structure of the game.

Curiously enough, all this stuff broke when we introduced a certain 
mechanical cockroach into the demo world...

In other news, I've ported the old Java Faucet to Jython (only works on 
2.1a1, since previous versions of jython don't implement getattr properly!!), 
which means that the faucet is runnable with a nice gui on MacOS X now.  The 
other important note is that since Gloop now works on Jython, it is possible 
to hook arbitrary Java programs and libraries into a Gloop distributed 
network (this turned out to be very simple, actually).  The possibilities of 
this are left as an exercise for the reader.

Currently, I'm adding features to the demo -- testing guest login -- and 
taking some screenshots of various GUI things.  The way things are going at 
this point, I think the next release (after the demo is done) should be 
0.9.0; post that, (after carmstro's config interface is done, and hopefully 
Inheritance) we should move on to 0.99.0 and concentrate mainly on writing 
tests... once we've tested every module, 1.0.

This concludes this morning's State of the Matrix Address :)

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