1st khorn 10620  !!!
2nd exarkun 7318  !!
3rd glyph 5984  !
4th alex 5784  
5th hawkowl 4523  
6th herrwolfe 3409  
7th ltd.) 2205  
8th exarkun (sponsored by hybrid logic 2201  
9th wolfgang61 1833  
10th eeshangarg 1619  
11th dstufft 1011  
12th amattjones 529  
13th wsanchez 500  
14th shira 449  

200 points for submitting a ticket for review!
500 points for closing a ticket!!
1000 points for a review!!!
-600 points for a bad review
(reviewing a ticket that gets reopened)
10 points for reopening a ticket
15 points for committing a fix from a contributor


You get 1 bonus point for each action previously taken during the month. For example: if 3 people submit tickets for review, and 2 of those tickets get reviewed, and then you submit a ticket for review, you will get 205 points.

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