1st glyph 4295  !!!
2nd hawkowl 2046  !!
3rd markrwilliams 1008  !
4th rodrigc 752  
5th wsanchez 511  
6th moshez 501  
7th clokep 207  
8th dstufft 206  

200 points for submitting a ticket for review!
500 points for closing a ticket!!
1000 points for a review!!!
-600 points for a bad review
(reviewing a ticket that gets reopened)
10 points for reopening a ticket
15 points for committing a fix from a contributor


You get 1 bonus point for each action previously taken during the month. For example: if 3 people submit tickets for review, and 2 of those tickets get reviewed, and then you submit a ticket for review, you will get 205 points.

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