1st exarkun 15593  !!!
2nd adiroiban 9018  !!
3rd glyph 8315  !
4th eeshangarg 7751  
5th wsanchez 4017  
6th rwall 2205  
7th herrwolfe 1303  
8th agapon 1004  
9th fbrennen 544  
10th imoore76 512  
11th mattice 251  
12th hawkowl 70  

200 points for submitting a ticket for review!
500 points for closing a ticket!!
1000 points for a review!!!
-600 points for a bad review
(reviewing a ticket that gets reopened)
10 points for reopening a ticket
15 points for committing a fix from a contributor


You get 1 bonus point for each action previously taken during the month. For example: if 3 people submit tickets for review, and 2 of those tickets get reviewed, and then you submit a ticket for review, you will get 205 points.

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