Twisted Web In 60 Seconds

    This set of examples contains short, complete applications of twisted.web. For subjects not covered here, see the Twisted Web tutorial and the API documentation.

    1. Serving static content from a directory
    2. Generating a page dynamically
    3. Static URL dispatch
    4. Dynamic URL dispatch
    5. Error handling
    6. Custom response codes
    7. Handling POSTs
    8. Other request bodies
    9. rpy scripts (or, how to save yourself some typing)
    10. Asynchronous responses
    11. Asynchronous responses (via Deferred)
    12. Interrupted responses
    13. Logging errors
    14. WSGIs
    15. HTTP authentication
    16. Session basics
    17. Storing objects in the session
    18. Session endings


    Version: 13.2.0