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Used to insert arbitrary errors into a test suite run. Provides enough methods to look like a TestCase, however, when it is run, it simply adds an error to the TestResult. The most common use-case is for when a module fails to import.
Method __init__
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method run Run the test, reporting the error.

Inherited from TestHolder:

Method __call__ Undocumented
Method id Undocumented
Method countTestCases Undocumented
Method shortDescription Undocumented
def __init__(self, description, error): (source)
ParametersdescriptionA string used by TestResults to identify this error. Generally, this is the name of a module that failed to import.
errorThe error to be added to the result. Can be an `exc_info` tuple or a twisted.python.failure.Failure.
def __repr__(self): (source)
def run(self, result): (source)
Run the test, reporting the error.
ParametersresultThe TestResult to store the results in. (type: twisted.trial.itrial.IReporter.)
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