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An ESMTP server which uses the domains of a mail service.
Method __init__ Initialize the ESMTP server.

Inherited from DomainDeliveryBase (via ESMTPDomainDelivery):

Instance Variable service See __init__
Instance Variable user See __init__
Instance Variable host See __init__
Instance Variable protocolName The protocol being used to deliver the mail. Sub-classes should set this appropriately. (type: bytes)
Method receivedHeader Generate a received header string for a message.
Method validateTo Validate the address for which a message is destined.
Method validateFrom Validate the address from which a message originates.

Inherited from ESMTP:

Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
Method greeting Undocumented
Method extensions Undocumented
Method lookupMethod Undocumented
Method listExtensions Undocumented
Method do_EHLO Undocumented
Method ext_STARTTLS Undocumented
Method ext_AUTH Undocumented
Method state_AUTH Handle one step of challenge/response authentication.
Method _cbAuthenticated Save the state resulting from a successful cred login and mark this connection as authenticated.
Method _ebAuthenticated Handle cred login errors by translating them to the SMTP authenticate failed. Translate all other errors into a generic SMTP error code and log the failure for inspection. Stop all errors from propagating.

Inherited from SMTP (via ESMTP):

Method timeoutConnection Called when the connection times out.
Method sendCode Send an SMTP code with a message.
Method lineReceived Override this for when each line is received.
Method state_COMMAND Undocumented
Method sendSyntaxError Undocumented
Method lineLengthExceeded Called when the maximum line length has been reached. Override if it needs to be dealt with in some special way.
Method do_UNKNOWN Undocumented
Method do_HELO Undocumented
Method do_QUIT Undocumented
Method do_MAIL Undocumented
Method do_RCPT Undocumented
Method do_DATA Undocumented
Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.
Method do_RSET Undocumented
Method dataLineReceived Undocumented
Method validateFrom Validate the address from which the message originates.
Method validateTo Validate the address for which the message is destined.
Method receivedHeader Undocumented
Method _cbFromValidate Undocumented
Method _ebFromValidate Undocumented
Method _cbToValidate Undocumented
Method _ebToValidate Undocumented
Method _disconnect Undocumented
Method _messageHandled Undocumented
Method _cbAnonymousAuthentication Save the state resulting from a successful anonymous cred login.

Inherited from LineOnlyReceiver (via ESMTP, SMTP):

Class Variable delimiter The line-ending delimiter to use. By default this is b'\r\n'.
Class Variable MAX_LENGTH The maximum length of a line to allow (If a sent line is longer than this, the connection is dropped). Default is 16384.
Method dataReceived Translates bytes into lines, and calls lineReceived.
Method sendLine Sends a line to the other end of the connection.

Inherited from Protocol (via ESMTP, SMTP, LineOnlyReceiver):

Method logPrefix Return a prefix matching the class name, to identify log messages related to this protocol instance.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via ESMTP, SMTP, LineOnlyReceiver, Protocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.

Inherited from TimeoutMixin (via ESMTP, SMTP):

Class Variable timeOut The number of seconds after which to timeout the connection.
Method callLater Wrapper around reactor.callLater for test purpose.
Method resetTimeout Reset the timeout count down.
Method setTimeout Change the timeout period
Method __timedOut Undocumented
def __init__(self, *args, **kw): (source)
Initialize the ESMTP server.
ParametersargsPositional arguments for ESMTP.__init__ (type: 2-tuple of (IMessageDelivery provider or NoneType, IMessageDeliveryFactory provider or NoneType))
kwKeyword arguments for ESMTP.__init__. (type: dict)
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