Rudimentary slide support for Lore.


  • Complete mgp output target
    • syntax highlighting
    • saner font handling
    • probably lots more
  • Add HTML output targets
    • one slides per page (with navigation links)
    • all in one page

Example input file:


   <head><title>Title of talk</title></head>

   <h1>Title of talk</h1>

   <h2>First Slide</h2>

     <li>Bullet point</li>
     <li>Look ma, I'm <strong>bold</strong>!</li>
     <li>... etc ...</li>

   <h2>Second Slide</h2>

   <pre class="python">
   # Sample code sample.
   print "Hello, World!"


Class MagicpointOutput No class docstring; 1/12 methods documented
Function convertFile Undocumented
Function splitIntoSlides Undocumented
Function insertPrevNextLinks Undocumented
Class HTMLSlide Undocumented
Function munge Undocumented
Function getOutputFileName Undocumented
Function doFile Undocumented
Class ProsperSlides Undocumented
Class PagebreakLatex Undocumented
Class TwoPagebreakLatex Undocumented
Class SlidesProcessingFunctionFactory Undocumented
def convertFile(filename, outputter, template, ext='.mgp'): (source)
def splitIntoSlides(document): (source)
def insertPrevNextLinks(slides, filename, ext): (source)
def munge(document, template, linkrel, d, fullpath, ext, url, config): (source)
def getOutputFileName(originalFileName, outputExtension, index): (source)
def doFile(filename, linkrel, ext, url, templ, options={}, outfileGenerator=getOutputFileName): (source)
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